Just four hours ago, a majority of Florida House Republicans voted to table a Democratic motion that would have addressed an assaults weapon ban. Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting were in attendance for the vote. Their pain was palpable as politicians once more failed them in taking any action on gun safety.

If they won’t do this now, with Stoneman Douglas students watching in the Chamber, than it’s about time we vote them out.

There is power to find in our pain. I learned that when I lost my Mom to cancer in 2004, and I felt it again in 2016 when 49 people were murdered at Pulse nightclub, once more at the hands of an assault rifle.

We cannot let this happen again. I am honored to take the #NoNRAMoney pledge and want you to know that the only NRA money you’ll see in my race, is what they’ll try to spend against me to stop us and our movement.

HD47 is home to the Pulse nightclub — we don’t have time for NRA sellouts like Governor Rick Scott or politicians who hide behind mental health and do nothing to solve it.

Many of you responded back to my last post, speaking to a holistic approach to preventing gun violence. Thank you for that. I agree that this is a complex issue to solve. But first, we need legislators who care more about courage than their career.

Yours in the fight,