Democratic candidate for Florida House District 47 Anna V. Eskamani has earned the endorsement of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Action.

“We’re excited to announce our endorsement of Anna Eskamani, who is running for the Florida House in District 47,” stated Jamal Abadi, Executive Director of NIAC Action, in an email blast. “Her connections to the Iranian-American community, and the issues that affect us, run deep – she has organized activists locally against Trump’s Muslim ban and would become the first Iranian American ever elected to the Florida legislature!”

NIAC Action is a grassroots, civic action organization committed to advancing peace and championing the priorities of the Iranian-American community. They are a nonpartisan nonprofit and the 501(c)4 sister organization of the National Iranian American Council, which works to strengthen the Iranian-American community and promote greater understanding between the American and Iranian people.

Anna had the following statement to offer in response of her latest endorsement:

“We are a nation of immigrants, and my story is not unlike that of many other fellow Americans, or of those who aspire to become American citizens one day. My personal identity and experiences compel me to be a passionate advocate for all people, and to push back against political agendas that marginalize and attack people because of how they look, talk, or who they worship. I will always stand up to bigotry and hate, and thank NIAC Action for bringing a national spotlight to our campaign and movement.”

Anna’s mom was born in Tehran and her dad in Tabriz, but they met in Orlando. Her first trip to Iran was to bring her mom’s ashes to the Caspian Sea, as she passed away in 2004 from cancer.

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More About Anna
Anna V. Eskamani is lifelong Orlando Native and daughter of immigrant parents who has worked relentlessly her entire life to protect all members of our community through effective advocacy, bold leadership, and strategic management. A community organizer with a proven track record in building consensus while fighting unapologetically for progressive values, Anna currently serves as the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.* She manages a team across 22 counties and is known in the legislature and across the nation as an advocate for women’s health and equality. Anna is also a PhD student in Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida and serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching Intro to Women’s Studies. Tough, authentic and unafraid, Anna is a progressive who has proven herself as a leader who works hard, delivers results, and gets things done. She has also been featured on the cover of Time magazine.
*Provided for biographical purposes only