Anna has received the endorsement of MoveOn! Read the email below that MoveOn sent to their members!

The results are in: With 98% of votes cast in favor, MoveOn members have voted to endorse Anna Eskamani for Florida State House District 47.  Click here to learn more about Anna, and sign up for her campaign.

Anna Eskamani is running a strong campaign with a bold progressive vision. An Orlando native, she has a long history of fighting for all Floridians. She believes that health care is a right, not a privilege, and she will be a fierce advocate for expanding affordable access to health care for everyone, especially women.


Anna is running for this open seat against two Republicans. This is our chance to flip this seat, in a district that Hillary Clinton won by 7 points, from red to blue. Not only could we flip the seat, we could fill it with an unabashed progressive who has been an active MoveOn member for years and who will work to increase access to education, to ensure equal pay for equal work, and to make sure that all our communities are represented and have a voice in the political process.


Here’s some of what Anna said about her race: “Our campaign to take back Florida State House District 47 is more than just a moment; this is a movement, powered by the people of Florida. For the past ten years, I have committed my life’s work to holding politicians accountable while empowering my community and protecting our rights. Our election will be historic, and it feels good knowing that MoveOn members are by my side.


There are more than 3,500 MoveOn members in Florida’s 47th House District. Here are just a few reasons some local MoveOn members are supporting Anna:


I attended rallies she participated in, saw her on the cover of Time, and listened to what she had to say about it. She represents the amazing new energy of our political movement. She has youth and strength and is seriously committed to promoted causes I support. Let’s flip the seat!—Lynnelle from Orlando

Anna is honest, ethical, and intelligent. She represents the type of fearless leader Florida needs.—Nancy from Orlando

“She is an amazing candidate who cares so much about her Central Florida community. She is dedicated and brings a new energy!—Mike from Orlando

“She is such an amazing candidate–a proud progressive, strong on women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, gun sense, immigration, and everything else. She is so inspiring, and I can’t wait for her to represent me!”—Elizabeth from Orlando

Anna is a builder of a future that supports ALL people!—Maribeth from Orlando

If we want qualified, progressive elected leaders such as Anna Eskamani in higher office, we also need to support qualified state and local candidates. Join Anna‘s energetic and powerful grassroots campaign today.


Thanks for all you do.


–Lisa, Milan, Katie, Chris, and the rest of the team