We spotted a video posted from a fundraiser one of our Republican opponents hosted last week.

The video is of Representative Scott Plakon, a Republican in Seminole County, telling the audience how, “We gotta stop Anna from getting in there.”

He paints a “nightmare” scenario, of myself working alongside Democrat Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, stating, “We’re going to have to go all in, we cannot have her in that seat.”

Just like Representative Smith, I am steadfastly committed to our progressive values, as well as working with those across the aisle on issues where we align. In my decade of advocacy, I have cultivated relationships from those of all political persuasions, including Republicans. So much so, my campaign even invested in “Republicans for Anna” stickers, as a way for our GOP friends to show their support.

At the same time, we know all too well that Republican leaders are out of touch, and this latest attempt to use fear as a tactic for fundraising is a prime example.

I cannot wait to serve alongside Representative Smith, and to find common ground with my Republican colleagues in the legislature. Tonight is our April deadline for fundraising, and I am just $2,400 shy from reaching our goal. Can I count on you to make a $100 gift tonight before midnight?

I ask that you make a gift not based on fear, but one based on the future of Florida, a future that we will build together.

Yours truly,