Anna for Florida is fueled by volunteer leaders like Alex Peralta, who joined the campaign before Anna even announced her candidacy! Anna met Alex at Valencia College Osceola Campus, and he soon became an integral part of her campaign team, now helping to manage daily intern operations.

Alex is about to start at UCF, and will be serving as the Director of Political Affairs for the College Democrats at UCF, too! Read Alex’s autobiographical story below, and see why he’s supporting Anna.

Why did I decide to join team Anna, and get more involved with my community? It all started back in October 2016, the moment I stepped into my first college class, American Government. The professor’s introduction was simple:

“This class is about American Politics, and how it shapes the future at home and around the world.”

That statement resonated with me. At that moment, I realized that my future was held in my hands, if only I knew how to act upon it.

That same Friday (payday), I went straight to the “History and Politics” section of a local bookstore. I left with several books that night, some about past presidents, and others about US history. If I was going to get involved with politics, I needed to know what I was talking about, not because of right or wrong, but because history is a blueprint for our future. If I didn’t understand the past, how could I craft my future?

I dove headfirst into learning the basics of American politics. Soon, I discovered how a bill becomes a law and who the decision makers are along the way, the weight that policy carries in transforming communities, and how everyday people can influence the legislative and electoral process. Soon, I loved American politics. No, not just because of the drama, but because of its value, history, and impact. 

Ironically, my new passion would be my third time changing my path in life. I first started school with a major in Pre-Med, but I took one class and knew that it wasn’t for me. I then tried to pursue Business, soon realizing it wasn’t my passion either. Eventually, I took some time off from school and stumbled into my own reality: I love serving people.

Upon that realization, I thought long and hard about what to do next. I wanted to make an impact not only for my future, but for my family, and my community. Those thoughts demanded action. With my newfound passion for politics, I allowed myself to lean more into it, to listen. Naturally, learning more only spurred more questions. I wanted to know exactly how to take my textbook information and craft something meaningful in the real-world. Medicine: in theory, that’s straightforward:, you heal people. With business, you help create jobs, make money, the whole shebang. However, with politics, I had no clue how to translate such a broad topic into real-world action, how to make a change.

In the midst of this crisis, I met an unapologetic woman, who eventually would change the course of my life. She seemed like someone that everyone should seek to mirror: a woman who works non-stop, a woman who genuinely cares about you, and a woman who leaves a positive and impactful mark wherever she carries herself. Yes, l met Anna Eskamani at the perfect time.

Fast forward to May 2018, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this campaign; this is exactly what I was looking for all along. Not only am I working alongside a wonderful group of people who are doing extraordinary things, but I am fulfilling the void of that community college student who didn’t know where his life was going.

Every day, I am able to go out and talk to people, and network with individuals who are striving to pursue a better future for this great state and nation. I am grateful to have served on this team, not only as an intern, but as a leader. I am grateful to Anna for taking a chance on a young kid out of Miami Gardens, and a first-generation American. She had faith in me from the beginning.

After working with Anna for over a year, I can proudly say that I will take the knowledge I’ve gained and serve my community. I’m honored to consider Anna one of my greatest mentors and a valued friend along the way, too. Working on the Anna for Florida campaign, I have gained a whole new perspective on the evolving issues in my home state of Florida. It kills me to know that legislators are playing politics in Tallahassee, and ignoring families like mine, families that need them to build a better state for us all. That’s why I invest  my time in Anna Eskamani.

Anna is a role model to anyone if they wish to run for office one day, or if they just want to see their community be its best.