In order to highlight the amazing local businesses in Florida’s 47th District, the Anna For Florida campaign has launched “47 Means Business,” an ongoing blog series to spotlight local business owners in Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and throughout the district.

Our blog digs deeper into local businesses by collaborating with business owners to showcase their success and to identify what the legislature can do to support them. Together, these profiles come together to create a larger picture of the amazing diversity and ingenuity of local business owners that Anna hopes to serve and represent in the Florida House.

This week, our team is sharing the story of Truffles and Trifles founder, Marci Arthur. Over on West Smith Street sits a gourmet culinary school that’s been serving up tasty treats for more than 30 years to District 47 and guests from far and wide. Whether for a date night or a little self care, this local gem is a must-see for those wanting to get up close and personal with the fine art of cuisine and the finer art of dining.

Team Anna: What inspired you to start your small business?

Marci Arthur: I was an environmental biologist with a specialty in water quality for 24 years.  Dealing with politicians day in and day out, about doing what should have been a given – clean air and clean water, finally got to me.  If I were there now, I would probably be turning to violence. Especially given the state of the EPA – I wrote the draw-down study for the EPA for Lake Apopka – it was a different time.

I decided it was important for me to be happy.  My love of food and the interaction of food and the general public was important to me.  To share my knowledge and make the kitchen a more inviting place for the entire family but especially young mothers, who are so busy.

TA: What is the most exciting part about owning and operating a small businesses?

MA: The interaction between my students and me. Seeing their response to creating a fabulous meal and know that they did it.

TA: Describe a perfect day at work.

MA: When everyone is full, happy and celebrating a great evening at Truffles and Trifles.  That is perfection to me.

TA: Are there any current policy issues impacting your business? If so, how?

MA: The involvement of the state, county and city in everything we do. Also that people are now allowed to hold cooking classes in their homes but are not inspected, don’t  have to have licenses like we do. It doesn’t seem fair. Make laws tougher for home cooks who hold classes…..make them play on a more even planning field. Their equipment is not commercial which makes for all kinds of health problems.