My parents are my biggest inspirations. They immigrated from Israel during different years in the 1980s and decided to make the United States their home. They didn’t have much — they were young, struggled financially, and worked hard to make ends meet.

We didn’t have much help growing up, and at times I would find myself stressed and worried about what the future could look like. When I was in high school, I found serenity and peace through the arts by participating in both theater and choir. I spent countless hours after school rehearsing for musicals and shows. I found a home, filled with loving and accepting individuals who appreciated music. There are moments in which music provides harmony in times of fear and chaos. In these times is when doubt turns into clarity.

After high school I decided to attend the University of Central Florida. Despite my financial roadblocks and adversities, I knew I wanted to help people, but was unsure how. I went through several changes of my major. I went from health sciences to hospitality, but felt a sense of emptiness with both areas of study.

I spent a summer off from school in search for a spark. This is the year of the 2016 Presidential Election. I watched debates, listened to the news and continued to become aware and angry over the ongoing issues in today’s world. I understood that the greatest power a citizen possesses is their ability to vote on Election Day.

That was when I realized my passion: to make a real difference in my local or global community. Hence my decision to become a Political Science major.

I returned to UCF that fall with a full heart and new motivation. I continued my involvement in music by taking on leadership opportunities in the international music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota. I also jumped head on into my new area of study, working hard to understand politics, while building my own opinions and appreciation for the field.

A year later, I heard about Anna Eskamani, a progressive woman who will make change, embodying everything a great leader should be. I wanted to get involved in her vision, and decided to become an intern. I volunteer my time canvassing, and recruiting others who support positive change.

I am eager to learn and network through the campaign to build a stronger tomorrow. There is a need for diverse representation in government. There must be an end to misogyny, racism, lack of funding for public education and the arts, inequality for minorities and disabled individuals.

The time is now to move onward. Anna’s team is driven by her passion for people. She looks past anger and negativity to create progress. She is a leader and an educator. I am proud to be a Field Team Leader on a campaign filled with motivation, inspiration and passion, and cannot wait for our victory in November!