Here at Anna for Florida, we’re proud to have the support of dads on our campaign, but we also are blessed to have the guidance and compassion of dads in our everyday lives, too. That’s why we have crafted a list of 10 fun and simple activities to share with Dad today and every day in and around District 47.

  1. Take a stroll in Central Park before heading over to The Wine RoomWhether you enjoy white or red, we can all raise a toast to Dad for putting up with us year-after-year.
  2. Get a matching father-daughter tattoo, and don’t tell Mom. Maybe a dragon? A rose? Who cares — Dad doesn’t abide by gender stereotypes.
  3. Watch the World Cup and root for his team. Extra points to you if you bring your own jersey.
  4. Pick out some quality cuts from The Meat House and grill to your heart’s desire. You can let him handle the seasoning, or you can ask for help when the fire gets out of control. Either way, he’s happy.
  5. Register Dad to vote because you care about his voice being heard year-round. He might not have a say in who you date, but he does have a say in local tax laws, environmental regulations, and policies to boost the economy. That’s fair, right?
  6. Explore the Mennello Musuem of American Art. Dads get in free, but hours of hearing him say “I could make something like this” is priceless.
  7. Enjoy free admission for dad at SAK Comedy Lab downtown. What’s better than dad jokes? Nothing, EXCEPT people making jokes for dad. That keeps on giving.
  8. Boogie down at Taverna Opa, where Dads eat free tonight. You don’t have to be Greek to enjoy this hotspot, but you do have to bring your dancing shoes and a big appetite.
  9. Reminisce Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with his heartwarming documentary at the Enzian Theatre. A Rollins alum and timeless icon of servitude, Mr. Rogers has something to teach all of us.. Plus, he rocks sweaters just like Dad did in the 80s.
  10. Is Dad busy tonight? Stop by Orlando Brewing for a free tour during the week. Orlando Brewing offers free tours Monday through Saturday at 8pm, which is a must-see for any craft beer loving pops, but be warned: the Uber is on you.