Dear Friend,

It’s Father’s Day, and with that comes time to reflect on the men who have had a positive impact on our lives.

My Dad is certainly one of those men. He immigrated to the United States from Iran at a young age, and while seeking a degree in Electrical Engineering at UCF, worked full time at a restaurant while raising three kids.

That’s no easy feat. And even when he was working as an Engineer on Florida’s Space Coast on the weekdays, he would work at Walt Disney World as a customer service representative on the weekends, just to make financial ends meet.

When our Mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, my Dad was by her side the entire time. And when she passed away four years later, he became a single Dad, wholly committed to his family, and grounded in supporting our growth and future.

Many of the values I hold today I can credit to my Dad. The importance of family, education, hard work, and my love for all things space and Pink Floyd.

I am grateful for my Dad, and heartbroken by the fact that families are being ripped apart at our border. That’s unacceptable. Know that I stand to #KeepFamiliesTogether, and will do my part to stop injustice in our state and nation.