The Florida College Democrats (FCD) release their slate of candidate endorsements. Anna was one of those candidates, and you can see FCD’s full press release below.

Anna offered the following statement in response to her latest endorsement:
“As a Florida College Democrats alum and as someone who cares deeply about young people, I can’t think of a more fitting endorsement. It was at the University of Central Florida where I first learned how to empower others and hold politicians accountable. In fact, I launched the Keep PBS in Orlando campaign as a member of the College Democrats at UCF, and it was that campaign that helped to create our local PBS station, WUCF-TV. I am grateful to my College Democrat family, and thank FCD for their support.”
Anna is a College Democrat alum. She served as the Vice President of College Democrats at UCF and as the Women’s Caucus Chair for Florida College Democrats during her senior year of her undergraduate program (2011-2012).

Florida College Democrat Press Release: 
The Florida College Democrats Endorse Various Candidates in the State of Florida

Tallahassee, Fl, July 2 2018 – The Florida College Democrats have released a statement endorsing various candidates during the current midterm election cycle.

“Florida College Democrats have endorsed the following candidates for House Districts and Congressional Districts:

Anna Eskamani- HD47 – We are proud to endorse Anna Eskamani for House District 47, a former College Democrat member who helped rebuild our organization in 2010. We are proud to endorse Anna for her tireless efforts for healthcare, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. Anna recently received an endorsement from former candidate for President, Governor Martin O’Malley and was featured on the TIME magazine cover ‘The Avengers.’ Eskamani is young, motivated and ready to bring much needed progressive change to Florida.

Margaret Good- HD72 – We are proud to endorse Margaret Good for House District 72 for her work for Democratic values as a dedicated politician and lawyer. Good is an advocate for important issues, such as environmental rights and women’s rights. Good cares deeply about education in this great state of Florida. Good plans to uphold these values and to ‘shake up’ Tallahassee.

Mark Lipton- HD79 – We are proud to endorse Mark Lipton for House District 79, who is a supporter of public education, even referring to it as a “backbone” of this country. Lipton believes affordable health care is a right, which is an important issue to Florida College Democrats. Lipton upholds Democratic values and plans to unfold his vision for a better Florida.

Sanjay Patel-CD8 – We are proud to endorse Sanjay Patel for Congressional District 8. Patel is a dedicated grassroots activist and has helped Brevard Dems rise to the ranks as one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the state. Brevard Dems knocked the most doors in any county of Florida and fundraising doubled under the Sanjay and Stacey Patel leadership of Brevard Dems. Patel is a fighter for progressive values and really shows his message of ‘People over Politics. Patel was endorsed recently by Our Revolution.’

All of the candidates uphold the vision of Florida College Democrats with our mission statement ‘As the official Democratic Student Caucus of Florida and a College Democrats of America State Federation, we unite College Democrats on campuses and communities across the state of Florida to advocate on the behalf of the Democratic Party.’ We believe these candidates will help flip our great state of Florida blue during one of the most important crucial election cycles.”


About: Florida College Democrats is dedicated to organizing and connecting with college students across Florida to further expand the Democratic Party by educating and mobilizing civic engagement and participation in the Democratic Party. Florida College Democrats is a chartered state federation of the College Democrats of America and a caucus under the Florida Democratic Party.