Today Anna V. Eskamani received the endorsement of the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC.

The Florida Planned Parenthood PAC is the political arm of Planned Parenthood organizations in Florida and is a separate and segregated political action committee, which supports state candidates who are pro-family planning and support access to safe and legal abortion.

Anna’s Planned Parenthood story is well known across the country, and like one in five American women, it began as a patient:

“I lost my Mom to cancer when I was 13-years-old, and with abstinence-only education in my public high school, l had no one to talk to about dating, reproductive health, or sex-ed. I found Planned Parenthood by a Google search, made my first appointment for birth control when I was 18, and would soon begin volunteering for the nonprofit organization as a health center escort, walking patients inside when there were picketers outside.”

Anna became a member of the Planned Parenthood team in 2012 and during her tenure served as the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications, leading a team of six across 22 counties, fighting to ensure Floridians had the ability to access a full range of reproductive health care options, while  breaking the stigma around women’s health along the way.

Today, President Trump is expected to announce his pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. With that in mind, Anna had the following to add:

“I’ve committed the last six years of my life to empowering women and protecting full access to reproductive health. State legislatures can serve as the first line of defense against federal attacks on reproductive rights, and with the Retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, down-ballot races matter more now than ever. I’ve been a powerful voice for social justice and reproductive rights for our community and that’s not changing with a new Supreme Court nominee. If anything, our courage to keep fighting only rises.”

“I’m running for HD47 to not only defend the progress that has been made, but to build upon it, and ensure that working families and students in my district have a champion in Tallahassee that stands up for them despite what happens at the federal level.”

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More About Anna

Anna V. Eskamani is an Orlando native and daughter of immigrants who has worked relentlessly her entire life to protect all members of our community through effective advocacy, bold leadership, and strategic management. A community organizer with a proven track record in building consensus while fighting unapologetically for progressive values, for the last six years Anna served as the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida. She managed a team of six across 22 counties and is known in the legislature and across the nation as an advocate for women’s health and equality. Anna is also a PhD student in Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida and serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching Intro to Women’s Studies. Tough, authentic and unafraid, Anna is a progressive who has proven herself as a leader who works hard, delivers results, and gets things done.

Anna has earned the endorsement of over 40 community leaders and organizations, including an early endorsement from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. She was also one of the 48 women featured on the cover of Time magazine. When elected, Anna will be the first Iranian-American to serve in the Florida legislature.