In order to highlight the amazing local businesses in Florida’s 47th District, the Anna For Florida campaign has launched “47 Means Business,” an ongoing blog series to spotlight local business owners in Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and throughout the district.

Our blog digs deeper into local businesses by collaborating with business owners to showcase their success and to identify what the legislature can do to support them. Together, these profiles come together to create a larger picture of the amazing diversity and ingenuity of local business owners that Anna hopes to serve and represent in the Florida House.

Team Anna: What inspired you to start your small business? 

Scott White: Small business just makes sense to me. My father and grandfather were both business owners. I was raised to appreciate and support those who choose to take on the struggle and commitment of owning a small business.

TA: What is the most exciting part about owning and operating a small businesses?

SW: The most exciting part of owning a small business is the freedom to decide what we put out into the local landscape and how it helps mold our own future and the future of our neighborhood. To know that a few people can have a positive impact by solely doing what we love is incredibly gratifying and motivating.

TA: Describe a perfect day at work.

SW: The perfect day for me is experiencing the energy of a busy day. Opening the front door to hear the buzzing of machines with everyone communicating and having a good time. Great conversation and making people happy with art. There’s nothing better.

TA: Are there any current policy issues impacting your business? If so, how?

SW: As of now, there aren’t any policies directly impacting our business.

TA: What could the legislature do better to help you thrive?

SW: Over the last decade, our industry has expanded tremendously. I’d like to see legislators and the Health Department working directly with people involved in the local industry. It would help them better understand what exactly we do as professional tattoo artists. I’d also like to see the City of Orlando embrace more of the independent arts by supporting more public art, including space and opportunities to be creative.