On Friday September 21st, Anna debated her Republican opponent at a forum hosted by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. The debate was live streamed on Facebook, and you can watch it here and by clicking on the video below.

Anna did an incredible job. She highlighted the deep needs of our district, called out the poor decision-making made by Republican leadership over the last two-decades, and shared a compelling vision for Florida where everyone wins. Her expertise on the issues and passion for community shined.

Anna also held her Republican opponent accountable to his “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, his support of unregulated for-profit charter schools, and his empty rhetoric on issues around the environment and arts funding. Anna made it very clear that you can’t preach one thing and practice another.

Case in point: Anna’s opponent talks about the environment, yet has accepted thousands of dollars from fossil fuel companies, and has been bought out by special interests that represent companies like big sugar and big pharma.

It’s clear that there is only one candidate in this race who will support public education, protect our environment, fight for infrastructure dollars, ensure access to healthcare, diversify our economy, support the arts, and reduce gun violence.

Please share this debate with others, and let neighbors in HD47 know who is the best representative for them.