We recently connected with District 47 voters who are #TeamAnna and asked them to share their story. Behold the faces, voices, and values that we will proudly represent, locally and in Tallahassee, including Orlando’s Beth Lashley.

Team Anna (TA): What has brought you and kept you in District 47?

BL: I have lived in District 47 since my 20s. I just love being in the center of Orlando—close to everything—and all the unique neighborhoods. I love older homes and independent businesses. I am so happy my son, Troy, will get to grow up here.

TA: How did you learn about Anna’s campaign?

BL: I learned about her campaign in the early days. I was so happy to hear that she was running after seeing her speak at a Planned Parenthood action meeting that I went to after the disappointing result in the 2016 election.

TA: What issues mean the most to you during this election season?

BL: Women’s rights, common sense gun legislation, protecting the environment, equality for all

TA: Why are you voting for Anna in this year’s mid-term elections?

BL: I am so happy to see a young woman with Anna’s incredible intelligence, energy, organization, and focus running for office. I agree with her on every issue in her platform. I love that she is so engaged with her constituents. I am just so excited to see what the future holds for Anna and to have her represent my family in District 47.

TA: What do you want to see our legislature do for Florida and our district?

BL: I would really like to see the legislature pass some stricter gun laws in honor of the victims of Pulse. I am thankful some legislation was passed after Parkland, but I would like to see more done so we don’t have to see this type of tragedy in our community or anywhere in America again. I would also like more funding to go into our public schools!