We are honored to continue highlighting the small businesses in House District 47 who add so much to our community and economy. Check out our interview with Marie of Greenery Creamery!

What inspired you to start your small business?
The intersection of many life events culminated in the creation of The Greenery Creamery!

I graduated as an opera singer but landed in corporate America right after university to pay off loans. I fell in love with so many aspects of business and felt inspired by the good and bad of my previous stint to create a community and employee-centric culture.   

I moved to Orlando and wanted to bring an interesting palette of flavors and create a different kind of ice cream culture that is locally driven and community-inspired.

With so many inspiring and brave women leaders in Orlando, it is easy to catch the entrepreneurial bug.

What is the most exciting part about owning and operating a small businesses?

Meeting community members who are passionate about their art form and have the unified idea of creating a vibrant community for Orlando.

I have the platform to work alongside organizations I support (such as the library); I am so thankful to be able to give back.

Describe a perfect day at work.

There are so many things to oversee as a small business owner like social media, creating new menu items and flavors, meeting with other business leaders, and taking care of operations — all in one day! I am thankful for an amazing staff. We collectively work on The GC vision.

Honestly, the most amazing work days are when I get to read and eat food. I find inspiration through this research. For example, I will eat something with wasabi and my mind will start racing with pairings! Orlando has many culinary geniuses. I’ll run to my work space and start pairing flavors and textures.  

Oh, and happy employees and customers. The storefront is our home and my SorBaes are my family.